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The entry fee is $175.00 for each product entered in the 11 core housewares awards categories, as well as the Smart Home and Gourmet Specialty Foods categories. Products entered in the 11 core housewares categories also may be entered in the Smart Home category for an additional $50.00 fee.

Entries may be submitted in the stand-alone Smart Home category, or they may be submitted for consideration as an add-on design differentiator for entries in any of the competition’s 11 core housewares categories.

Please note: All submitted products must be received by Friday, November 2. Once your entry is complete and payment is received, your application will be reviewed to confirm that all eligibility requirements are met. If confirmed, you will receive an email with detailed product shipping instructions and customized shipping label and inventory form.

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On-The-Go Beverageware [?]
Personal Care, Wellness & Garment Care Appliances [?]
Storage, Non-Electric Cleaning & Laundry Care [?]
Smart Home [?]
Gourmet Specialty Foods [?]

*Lists are for entry guidance. If you don't see your product type or have other questions, Contact Us!
Housewares Design Awards organizers reserve the right to recategorize entries
to ensure similar products are properly grouped.

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Describe the product and its function, its users and the settings for its use. Your narrative should be no more than 1500 words. You may email a Word document. You may discuss:
  • Design challenge and solution
  • How the product's form reflects its function
  • Market positioning and competitive advantages
  • Human factors and consumer safety issues
  • Environmental advantages and social impact
  • Financial performance
  • Strategic importance
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Other Information:
PLEASE SUPPLY SEPARATELY: Names, company affiliations and mailing addresses for individuals to be invited to Housewares Design Awards Ceremony & Luncheon in January in Las Vegas. A value is required.