Housewares Design Awards

2005 Best in Category: Tabletop

Studio Panepinto

Mesü Bowls

Many new creations are born out of personal frustrations, and Jennifer Panepinto’s Mesü Portion Control Measuring and Serving Bowls are no exception.

“I was in school going for my masters in design, and dieting since I was getting married that year,” recalled Panepinto, the creator of the Mesü Bowls and principal at Studio Panepinto, which produces the bowls. “I measured my food in a measuring cup and because I was tired I ended up eating out of the cup. That’s where [the idea for the Mesü Bowls] started.”

The bowls became the subject of Panepinto’s Master’s thesis, and launched the designer into tabletop.

Gina Paoloni, a principal at Studio Panepinto, said, “There really is nothing else like it. We created a category with the products.” She added, “Our mission statement is fun, functional products.”

The porcelain bowls were designed to easily control portions for healthy eating. Each bowl features a pastel enamel decal that indicates capacity, so food can be measured in the same dish that is used at the table.

In addition, the set of six bowls nest for compact storage and are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

The bowls have many uses, including as serving bowls for appetizers. “I wanted something versatile and not limiting,” explained Panepinto.

Mesü, which means measure beautifully, is an appropriate name for the bowls, which feature an attractive design with subtle graphics. “White is a classic color and the soft colors complement it,” noted Panepinto.

Paoloni noted that one specialty retailer commented that they “just think the bowls are beautiful and fun and fit with our design aesthetic.”

Studio Panepinto has also received many positive comments from consumers. One consumer said: “I think this is a great idea. This would be something that I would use day in and day out.”

The product was recently launched on QVC, and had terrific results: QVC reported that on January 30, in less than two minutes, 1,800 orders were taken for the Mesü Set.

“QVC is an ideal medium,” said Paoloni. “QVC explains the products and speaks to the people.”

Ken O’Brien, director of home merchandising with QVC, said, “We are very excited about the great sales result on the Mesü Bowls. It’s always exciting when you see an item do so well, but when that product is innovative, from a small entrepreneur and you know how hard they worked and how passionately they felt about the product, it makes it that much better.”

Paoloni credits the enormous success of the product in part to timing. “It’s back to basics— portion control and exercise are the only true methods for a healthy lifestyle,” she said. “The bowls [help you] make the right choices.”

Studio Panepinto will preview new products that coordinate with the Mesü Bowls at the International Home & Housewares Show.

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