Housewares Design Awards

2006 Best in Category: Kitchenware & Barware

Zyliss USA Corp.

Easy Spin Salad Spinner

Zyliss USA, which produces a wide range of kitchenware items, differentiates its product assortment by offering vibrant colors and stylish looks as well as unique features.

The company recently received the 2006 Housewares Design Award for its Easy Spin Salad Spinner in the Countertop Kitchenware category.

“Our Easy Spin Salad Spinner is an example of the Zyliss strategy to innovate and bring forward products that are clearly differentiated,” said Hardy Steinmann, CEO of Zyliss. “Our company has been built on anticipating consumer lifestyle changes and desires.”

The best-selling spinner is popular with consumers due to its fashionable design and distinctive features, such as the ability to deliver high-spinning speeds with one pull of a retractable cord and no-ridge interior basket that prevents food from sticking to the sides.

“Our retailers are supportive of Zyliss and the product has enjoyed an outstanding reception,”said Steinmann. “Our Easy Spin Salad Spinner is one of our top-selling products and continues to do well.”

Offering a variety of bold colors for its spinner and other products, Zyliss has responded to consumer interest in vivid kitchen products.

“Colors are playing a bigger role in many different categories,” said Steinmann. “With our salad spinners selling so well, it was a natural progression to bring great colors to life on the salad spinner— colors that reflect the personality of the cook and the kitchen. Our sales success has proven us right.”

Steinmann emphasized the importance of having packaging that highlights the beauty of the product as well as its functionality.

“The most important thing is to have the right packaging. For Zyliss this means packaging that reflects the beauty of the product and explains visually and in very few words how the product works,” noted Steinmann.

In addition, Steinmann pointed out that consumers enjoy experimenting with a new product like the salad spinner before they purchase it.

“We suggest the retailer merchandise the salad spinner by placing a product outside of its packaging so shoppers can play with it,” he said. “Experience shows that when consumers see how much fun it is and how easily it works, they buy it.”

In order to create products that reflect consumer needs, the company spends a lot of time monitoring trends and doing consumer research.

“Our products are the result of tracking and anticipating changes in lifestyle trends,” explained Steinmann. “Season after season, Zyliss introduces products which reflect a sensitivity to consumer demands. Trends in healthy living, ergonomics, use of technology and color in the home are some examples of market demands that drive the category.”

The company looks at trends in a variety of categories and in different parts of the world when developing new lines.

“We monitor trends in many different industries,” said Steinmann. “And through our global distribution we view trends and consumer demands from all over the world.”

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