Housewares Design Awards

2006 Best in Category: Kitchen Hand Tools

Browne USA

Cuisipro Roast & Serve Rack

Cuisipro, a division of Browne & Co., focuses on creating products that make typical kitchen tasks, such as whisking or transporting a roast in and out of the oven, much easier.

Cuisipro’s Roast & Serve Rack, the winner of the 2006 Housewares Design Award in the Kitchen Tool category, offers one-of-a-kind features, such as two large handles and a removable pin.

“No one, until now, has figured out how to transport the roast or turkey without making a mess or using bulky turkey lifters [like the Roast & Serve does],” explained Neal Ho, vp/Cuisipro. “It just makes the chore easier.”

The two-part, steel-rod roasting rack, which has a durable non-stick coating, is showcased in packaging that calls out its unique features.

“The packaging is a simple ‘wrap-band’ that highlights all the features and benefits,” said Ho.

With new products being introduced in the marketplace on a continual basis, it isn’t easy to make a product stand out, said Ho.

“In this ultra-competitive marketplace, it is not always easy to stand out and be noticed,” he said. “The fact that we were recognized, among all the other entries, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

According to Ho, the company researches how consumers use particular products and what changes are necessary to make them better.

“We study how people actually use things, [focusing on] their average height, their average hand size and many more parameters. Many of our innovations are not brand new product ranges, but they are ‘improvements’ of existing products,” Ho said.

He continued, “Why should people continue to struggle with the same problems over and over? A good designer will spend the time to get to know how the end-user uses the product, and what improvements can or need to be made.”

Ho pointed out that competitive pricepoints are also key in order to produce a successful product. “The second half of the challenge is to deliver a product at a competitive price with the innovations added— this is not always easy,” he said.

The company focuses more on opportunities in the marketplace, rather than current trends, noted Ho. “We tend not to research trends, but instead what needs or opportunities there are in the market,” he said. “We speak to end-users, not only in the retail world but also in the food-service world. Many products at retail are driven from food-service inspiration.”

In addition to its Roast & Serve, Cuisipro’s Paddle Whisk, which features elliptical silicone-wrapped wires to fold more efficiently, was a finalist for the Housewares Design Award.

“I think [having two products as finalists] is a testament to our creative design staff that continues to identify the needs in the marketplace,” commented Ho. “They continue to deliver a combination of beauty, function and innovation.”

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