Housewares Design Awards

2007 Best in Category: Cookware & Bakeware

Bodum USA Inc.

Chambord Double-wall Coffee Press

When Bodum won a 2006 Housewares Design Award for its Pavina Double Wall Glasses, Jeff Malkasian, vp/sales, talked about the company’s history of innovation and the influence of Jorgen Bodum on creating a corporate culture steeped in design.

“[Jorgen] Bodum sees a trend and [looks into] how it can be implemented. He never stops with one thing,” Malkasian said. “He’s already working on the next thing.”

And now, we all know what the “next thing” was. For the second consecutive year, Bodum has won a Housewares Design Award; this year for its Chambord Double-Wall Coffee Maker.

The Chambord coffeemaker is a staple of Bodum’s hot beverage assortment, a signature product for a company that is as closely associated with fine coffee and tea preparation as any in the housewares business. And while it might seem a simple product to produce, the craftsmanship of the product is such that in 1982 Bodum acquired a clarinet factory, not to enter the clarinet business but because the skilled craftsman there not coincidentally produced the Chambord coffeemaker.

But this year’s Housewares Design Award is not for an established product, but for the design innovation that has been utilized to make it not only current, but in some ways futuristic.

Bodum has taken the double-wall manufacturing technology it perfected for its Pavina glasses and applied it to the coffeemaker to give it entirely new and superior levels of functionality. The double-wall Chambord Coffeemaker has an inner beaker that is constructed of machine-blown glass, while the exterior is mouth-blown, giving the product a balance of insulation and stability.

The double wall design serves to keep the coffee warm for up to two hours after initial preparation, while the outside wall remains comfortable to the touch.

Also, just as with the award-winning Pavina double-wall glasses, the insulation serves to eliminate the formation of condensation, which could damage tables or countertops.

The double-wall design has proven highly successful for Bodum, for which innovative, functional design has become a calling card. It’s been so successful that Bodum is expanding the concept to entirely new ranges of product at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago this month.

The company will apply its double-wall construction to a drip coffeemaker— the Bistro Double Wall Glass Drip Coffeemaker. In addition to providing functional benefits, the unique double-wall design offers an added aesthetic appeal, creating the visual impression that the coffee is hovering inside the unit’s glass walls. This unique combination of form and function, of performance and visual appeal epitomize not only Bodum’s design expertise, but also the essence of applying design to housewares product development.

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