Housewares Design Awards

2007 Best in Category: Cutlery

Furitechnics USA Inc.

Füri FX East/West Coppertail 8" Knife

Füri knives and sharpeners utilize patented technology for superior hygiene, durability, comfort, grip and ease of sharpening,” states Füritechnics USA Inc.’s tagline. “Every product that Mark [Henry] does, that is what he is looking to incorporate into his designs,” said public relations director Patrice Savery.

The company’s FX East/West Coppertail 8-inch Knife, which recently won Best In Category in cutlery at the fourth annual Housewares Design Awards, features these design elements.

It is part of Füritechnics’ FX-Forged knives, its premium professional line.

Henry, CEO and chief engineer of Füritechnics, is the mastermind behind the designs. He did extensive research on cutlery at Queensland University in Australia, where he studied engineering and business. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, Savery said, Henry took on the established knife companies and forged ahead, looking for new technologies in the industry. “He’s succeeded very well in a very short period of time. We’re entering our 11th year,” Savery said.

The winning knife has many unique features, such as the patented reverse wedge handle. It is ergonomically designed, so your hand won’t slip forward toward the blade, especially if your hand is wet or oily. “You don’t have to grip the handle tightly, so that reduces fatigue on your hand, especially if you are cutting all day,” Savery said. “A handle wedge that thickens toward the blade will reduce hand slippage— that’s what Mark discovered. That’s what’s different about his knives.” Henry designed the knife in collaboration with professional chefs.

Another innovative feature about the knife is the coppertail point at the end of the handle. As a knife’s blade wears down over time, with use and repeated sharpening, a knife will sometimes lose its balance. With the copper tail point, when users start noticing the difference, they can grind a little bit of the copper off in order to correct the knife’s weight. “That’s pretty innovative to maintain the balance of your knife in that way. That’s part of the attraction that won it the award,” Savery said.

The knife is also made of one seamless piece of metal, she said. This makes it more durable, and also more hygienic, because foods cannot get trapped inside the handle. This is especially important when chopping poultry, she said.

Also, the coppertail knife is “the best of both worlds,” Savery said. It combines the chopping ability of a Japanese Santoku blade with the rocking motion of a chef’s knife.

“You can use it for everything. If you have this and a paring knife, you’re pretty much set in the kitchen,” Savery said. “I think this is a knife that anyone would enjoy using forever. It comes with a warranty. It is the one knife that people will really truly enjoy using and will reach for again and again.”

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