Housewares Design Awards

2007 Best in Category: Lighting & Home Décor and Outdoor Living

Blomus-SKS USA Corp.

Chimo Fireplace

Consumers who want the comforting feeling of a fireplace but are unable to have one placed in their home now have an alternative, thanks to Blomus. The company’s Chimo fireplace is designed as a unique decorative wall item that allows consumers to enjoy a real fire safely in the home, a company official said.

The uniqueness of the Chimo line also caught the eyes of judges in the recent HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® Housewares Design Awards as the product won Best in Category in the competition’s Lighting, Home Décor & Outdoor Living category. The line was designed by Floz Design of Germany.

Blomus’ Chimo indoor fireplace was designed to solve the problem for consumers who want an indoor fireplace but lack a chimney or gas line. This fireplace utilizes Fanola Biofuel (ethanol), a renewable resource that is made from an environmentally friendly plant derivative. The wall-mounted design has an adjustable reservoir plate to set the flame size.

“The fireplace was developed as a unique way to create a nice, comfortable ambiance for a room,” said Mark Burgener, general manager with Blomus. “The products are designed based on the look of flat-screen televisions.”

He noted that the Chimo fireplace was designed to be solely decorative and not to be used as an alternative source of heat in the home. The line has been approved by TUV, a European-based product testing agency.

Burgener noted the fireplace is designed for use in larger family rooms in the home. Weighing approximately 50 pounds, the fireplace is designed to mount to a concrete wall or to studs for a secure hold. The item is designed to hold 1 liter of fuel, which Burgener said typically lasts between 2.5 and three hours.

Made from stainless steel, Chimo includes three styles: a round opening design measuring 27.6-inches wide, a rectangular opening design measuring 39.4-inches wide and a square version also measuring 27.6-inches wide. Suggested retail prices are $1,549; $1,449; and $1,319 respectively.

The Housewares Design Award honor is the latest honor for the Chimo fireplace. The item was named “Most Innovative Product” at the August 2006 Accent on Design section in the New York International Gift Show. In addition, the fireplace was also featured in several media outlets in 2006 including “Good Morning America,” The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The European-inspired contemporary design of the Chimo fireplace line maintains Blomus’s focus on offering kitchenware and home decorative products that mesh unique functions with high-end, sleek designs.

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