Housewares Design Awards

2007 Best in Category: Personal Care/Health Care and Garment Care Electrics

Leifheit International USA Inc.

Soehnle Comfort F5 Body Balance Scale

At the 2007 Housewares Design Awards presentation in New York, Leifheit International USA received top honors in the Personal, Health and Garment Care category for its newl Soehnle Comfort F5 personal scale.

This wasn’t first time Leifheit took home a Housewaeres Design Award. Last year, the Galaxy Plus ironing board won in the Home Organization, Cleaning & Laundry Care category.

Clearly, design plays a major role in the company’s product development effort.

Bath scales in particular have seen something of a renaissance as suppliers have sought to differentiate product as well as produce tiered assortments.

For some time, scales have served a primarily functional role— letting the end user ascertain how much body weight they lost or gained. The category has seen an advancement of more precise body measuring capabilities— scale technologies have advanced beyond body fat measuring to take into account visceral fat, among other important indicators.

While these features are important and are themselves primary sales drivers, suppliers have also deigned to bring more aesthetics to the category. One major driver of this effort is the fact that consumers, as has happened with the kitchen and other areas of the home, are looking upon the bathroom as a design opportunity to provide for themselves and guests.

Suppliers are experimenting with a wide range of finishes, including glass, stone, and stainless steel and black. They often seek something that will fit in with the existing bathroom décor.

With the Comfort F5, Leifheit is leveraging this design trend. It sports a streamlined platform styled in contemporary stainless steel with black accents.

Stainless steel and other metals, occasionally with black or colored accents, have been the dominant “look” in this electrics category.

The Comfort F5 bio analysis scale is one of eleven new scales launched under Leifheit’s Soehnle Body Balance series. Design hallmarks of these scales include an effort to increase comfort and provide easily read body analysis regarding weight and percentage of muscle, fat and body hydration.

Leifheit is bringing a major twist to the category as well— the user can remove the scale’s LCD display from its platform and place it on a counter, dresser or mount it on the wall; a radio signal transmits results as far as 10 feet away from the scale.

The scale’s large, easy-to-read remote LCD display also includes a practical clock function in stand-by mode.

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