Housewares Design Awards

2008 Best in Category: Floor Care Electrics

Robert Thomas L. P.

Rotho Twin tt

The Robert Thomas Rotho Twin tt, Housewares Design Award winner in the electric floor cleaning category, combines the functions of a full-size, fully functioning canister vacuum with those of an extractor. “Our company’s philosophy is to offer high-end products that fit consumer lifestyles,” said Thomas Slusarek, product marketing manager at Robert Thomas LP. “The Twin tt is not just a vacuum, it is a total home cleaning system. It incorporates a full complement of accessories in a sleek design that reflects the modern home today.”

The award-winning unit utilizes a water filtration system— for both dry and wet cleaning— that enables consumers to vacuum and deep clean floors, carpet, furniture, even windows, using a single appliance. The unit’s AquaFilter system combined with its HEPA filter traps dust, dirt, allergens, pet hair and odors, providing a 99.999% retention capacity, according to the company.

The Aquafilter system, in combination with the unit’s HEPA filter is a multi-stage water-based filtration system that dampens and bonds the wet dirt with water in the recovery tank.

The unit comes with myriad accessories, not just the classic upholstery nozzle, furniture brush and crevice tool, but also a turbo-powered hand tool, ideal for removing pet hair. The unit also comes with a powered Electro Brush designed to remove embedded dirt from carpets as well as for dislodging stuck-on messes on hard floor surfaces.

The unit’s versatility in handling dry cleaning tours is matched by its ability to handle wet cleaning tasks. The Rotho Twin tt comes with separate wet-cleaning attachments for windows and upholstery.

In another example of user-friendly design, the Rotho Twin tt gives consumers the ability to move more easily from room to room and task to task by including a variety of docking alternatives for attachments. For example, the Rotho Twin tt has a storage bracket specifically designed for holding the spray nozzle without requiring it to be disassembled from the unit’s telescopic wand.

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