Housewares Design Awards

Silver Medal Recipient

2008 Best in Category: Food Preparation Electrics


Die Cast Hemisphere Blender

Breville won the 2008 Housewares Design Award for food-prep electrics with its Die-Cast Hemisphere Blender.

Breville is an upscale brand focused on offering products featuring die-cast metal finishes and innovative features.

In designing the blender, as well as its other products, Breville first analyzes what else is on the market from competing companies. In all cases, it won’t develop a “me too” product.

“On a project like this, we wanted to reinvent the blender,” said Rob Sheard, marketing manager.

The first step for Breville is to look at everything else on the market. It will check out everything from opening pricepoint blenders available in mass merchants to high-end professional-quality blenders. In all of them, one flaw was evident, the company discovered.

“There were always dead zones,” said Sheard. “You’d get a chunk of ice at the bottom.”

To remedy this, Breville took a new approach to the blender blade system: it added a thick blade that moves across the bottom, creating a vortex that pulls everything down into it.

As for the exterior design of the blender, “We use the highest-quality die-cast metals we can find,” said Sheard. “That is consistent across our range.”

Also, the company takes its design cues from the commercial market, but refines them.

“A lot of commercial products are stodgy, not something you’d want to see sitting on your countertop,” Sheard said.

Carrying out the actual design plans is a team of engineers based in Australia, where Breville is headquartered.

“We write a design brief, which includes input regarding how big the market is, the key ‘must have’ features, and our thoughts on what is wrong with other blenders,” said Sheard.

“They go off and try to solve the problems we tell them about.”

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