Housewares Design Awards

2008 Best in Category: Furniture

Avenue Six

Curves Button Back Chair

Paul Reitzin continues to think outside the box when it comes to getting furniture to fit better inside a box.

As the founder and president of Avenue Six, Reitzin’s goal for his new company is to develop full lines of ready-to-assemble upholstered furniture and bring these collections to retailers large and small.

“When we started the company, the focus for us was to figure out how we can more easily ship upholstered furniture around the country, and have the product be of high quality,” Reitzin said. “We can get more items into a container and most of our items can be shipped to consumer via shipping services such as UPS.”

The efforts of Avenue Six to break the traditional mold of case goods upholstered furniture was rewarded recently as the company was named Best In Category for Furniture at the 2008 Housewares Design Award for the company’s Curves Button Back Chair. The chair features ready-to-assemble construction, piping and tufted button details along with solid wood legs and back supports.

Breaking tradition in furniture is nothing new to Reitzin. As the founder of Studio RTA, which five years ago was acquired by Sauder Woodworking, he was the driving force in the growth of metal and glass RTA furniture that is now carried by ever major big-box chain.

In bringing upholstered RTA to the retail marketplace, Reitzin said there have been many similarities between Avenue Six and Studio RTA. “Early on, it was a bit of an uphill battle to convince retailers of the benefits of upholstered RTA,” he said. “The first thought from many was that the product was not for them.”

But Reitzin said Avenue Six in only two years has built a “nice base” of business with retailers both large and small. “We want to have a broad customer base so we are not reliant on only a handful of major retailers for our business,” he added.

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