Housewares Design Awards

2008 Best in Category: Kitchen Hand Tools

Trudeau Corporation

Flipper 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon

Long a company that has placed an emphasis on innovative design in the development of problem-solving housewares products, Trudeau Corp. has been a finalist in the Housewares Design Awards by HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® for three of the past five years. This year, the company’s Flipper 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon took top honors in the Kitchen Hand Tool category.

The company’s design philosophy centers on improving the way current products solve problems.

The original Flipper measuring spoon comes in a set of three pieces, totaling six measurements.

“We wanted to develop a tool that could do more with less, and give consumers more measurements with a smaller item that didn’t clutter up a drawer,” said Philippe Trudeau, president of Trudeau Corp.’s U.S. division.

In bringing the typical measuring spoon count from six traditional spoons to three Flipper spoons (still offering six measurements), the problem was addressed. But it wasn’t totally solved by the company.

Trudeau Corp. then took the four most popular measures used in the kitchen and put them on one piece, creating the 4-in-1 Flipper.

According to Philippe Trudeau, the company has always focused on the consumer. The goal is to create products that are unique and innovative without an overcomplicated design.

“You can design something that’s revolutionary and solves 10 problems in one tool, but is a 10-in-1 tool, and the consumer won’t get it,” Trudeau said. “It’s important to keep it simple so people can relate to it and use it every day.”

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