Housewares Design Awards

2008 Best in Category: Lighting & Home Décor and Outdoor Living

Outset, Inc.

Magnetic Light for BBQ Tools

When developing new items for its barbecue tool assortment, Outset remains focused on bringing products to market that are higher-end and offer unique features, said Curt Anderson, president/co-owner of Outset.

That focus was key in the development of the Magnetic Light for BBQ Tools, which recently was named Best In Category at the 2008 Housewares Design Awards, the Lighting, Home Décor and Outdoor Living category.

The patent-pending light is designed to attach to most barbecue tools with a strong stay-put magnet to illuminate nighttime grilling. It contains three LED bulbs and can swivel in any direction.

“When we develop new product, we constantly look to see what troubles consumers have when grilling,” said Anderson. “We had noticed some grilling lights on the market, but we thought it would be a good idea to have a light that attaches directly to barbecue tools.”

While the Magnetic Light offers a simple, streamlined design, developing the products provided many challenges for the Outset team. Anderson noted the company needed to find a way to make the easily to use with various barbecue tools and also make sure there would be enough of a light source on the food being grilled.

“At first, we did not use LED lights but used only one bulb,” he said. “Adding larger bulbs made the light larger and we eventually decided to use three LEDs, which are smaller in size but provide a bright, focused light source.”

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