Housewares Design Awards

2008 Best in Category: Personal Care/Health Care and Garment Care Electrics

Revlon Inc.

Expert Effect All-Around Pumice Stone

Metaphase Design Group designed Revlon’s award-winning Expert Effect All-Around Pumice Stone.

According to Bryce Rutter, Metaphase founder and CEO, Revlon hired his company to help build its beauty tool portfolio, “Our job is to find out how we can make an emotional connection with consumers so when they see the product, it’s, ‘Wow, I have to have it,’” he said. “Then it has to perform as well. Those are the keys to success on any design program,” he added.

With the Pumice Stone, the company sought to create a product “that allowed any lady to take care of herself with the same level of care she would get in a professional salon,” Rutter said.

To research the product, Metaphase visited elite Manhattan salons and spoke with professionals. It also recorded consumer usage, such as how the pumice stone was used in the shower. “We realized we needed to design something to minimize the consumer dropping it in the shower,” Rutter said. “We knew it needed a solid grip. We have to remove the friction points while designing a product.” Another friction point was that women typically have long fingernails; how can the product be designed for that?

Metaphase also analyzed the history of the product. “We trace back through history to see how a product got to where it is,” said Rutter. “If it’s not in a good place anymore, we have to break out,” he added.

Ergonomics was a major consideration in the design of the pumice stone. “How can we best shape the product to make it easier for consumers to use,” Rutter said.

Pumice stones are used to exfoliate feet: a pumice stone needs a smaller radius for toes and metacarpals, a larger one for the arch, and for the heel a flat surface with a convex curve. “All the product’s curves were driven by the human form,” Rutter said.

Materials that went into the design of the product also were strategically applied. The product has rubber to provide the user with a comfortable grip.

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