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2008 Best in Category: Tabletop

Bambu, LLC

Bambu KIDS Baby Utensils

KIDS Baby Utensils was conceived because bambu LLC’s managing director/co-founder Rachel Speth said she and owner/co-founder Jeff Delkin were disappointed by the lack of sustainable children’s products on the market while looking for suitable gifts.

“It was clear that there was both a lack of renewable or natural materials being used for children’s products, and also a shortage of well-designed products for kids,” Speth said.

“The idea of using a renewable material for kids’ products made sense to us, because nearly everything we saw in the marketplace was made from plastic,” Delkin added.

“Today, people are concerned about toxins and harmful ingredients, how products are made and by whom, especially products intended for children,” Speth said. “We wanted to create an all-natural product that was free from petroleum-based products, safe, functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing.”

Careful consideration was given to the tactile nature of the bamboo flatware, as well as the scale of each piece. Trials and in-home testing were done to get the sizing just right to fit an infant’s mouth, with many steps taken to refine the head size and shape, and length of the handles. “We were able to create a functional feeding utensil that has a very pleasing curve and shape,” Speth added. Each piece is handcrafted, made from 100% certified organic bamboo and finished with natural food-safe oil.

Design innovation is key for bambu, according to Delkin. “We want to bring fresh thinking in design, function and/or material,” he said.

Added Speth, “[At bambu], we consider the entire product process. We aim to design products for everyday use, to be affordable and accessible.”

Bambu supports fair trade practices, working directly with the product’s makers. “Because we’re at the source, we’re accountable for the integrity of our product and our process,” Speth noted.

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