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2009 Best in Category: Cooking Electrics

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Jura Capresso, Inc.

ENA 5 Automatic Coffee Center

According to David Shull, vp/sales and marketing for Jura-Capresso, for many years prior to the introduction of the 2009 Housewares Design Award-winning ENA 5, the Swiss were looking to captivate the market by developing the world’s slimmest bean-to-cup espresso coffee maker without sacrificing the quality of the final beverage produced.

“I think the challenge you always face when making something in a slim design, is getting it to perform as well as the larger model,” said Shull. “And I think that the ENA 5 could have only been achieved with the Swiss precision that goes into everything they do; it can be seen on all 13 automatics that we currently represent in the country.”

He added that Jura Capresso did not give up any of the quality featured in its highest-end machines for the ENA, yet at less than 9.5 inches wide, it is not only the world’s slimmest automatic coffee center, it looks beautiful in all three of its uniquely inspired colors.

“We have a beautiful glossy finish on the side of the machines, the three colors for which conceptualize the creation of the espresso, beginning at the blossom of the coffee plant to the way coffee looks after its roasted,” Shull said.

Blossom White depicts the color of the flower that grows on the Coffea Arabica tree as it begins to blossom; Coffee Cherry Red reproduces the color of the actual coffee cherry produced by the tree, which contains a single coffee bean; and Ristretto Black represents the color of the espresso coffee produced by the ENA 5 machine.

Further marketed as an achievement in technology and design, the Jura-Capresso ENA 5 offers single-button operation and energy savings features— a patented Smart Zero Energy Button ensures the machine draws no energy when turned off but still plugged in.

“We made sure we captivated all elements— look, performance and quality— with the ENA machine,” said Shull.

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