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2009 Best in Category: Cutlery

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Wusthof-Trident of America Inc.

Classic 8-inch Panini Knife

According to Wüsthof vp/sales and marketing Todd Myers, Wüsthof’s knife blade designs are only differentiated across the company’s various lines by the handle the company puts on it. But, when they create a new design, it starts with one line, as each line requires different molds to accommodate each different handle.

The Classic Panini knife, which was selected as the winner in the 2009 Design Awards’ Cutlery category, features a razor-sharp serrated blade forged from high carbon, stain-resistant steel that was designed to move effortlessly through hard crusts without compressing delicate fillings. The contoured, offset handle provides clearance for knuckles while ensuring leverage with each slice.

“Typically, we create something new in our largest and oldest line, Classic,” Myers said. “If a new design is successful, it will be added to other collections. If we create a new knife that is not well received, it won’t be expanded to other collections.”

But the company’s most important design in cutlery today still falls back to core basic beliefs of form and function, Myers said. Any new design features must have real, practical applications; knife blades must be shaped in a manner that is comfortable to hold and easy to use and balances nicely in the hand.

The newest addendum to the company’s design philosophy is an added emphasis on appearance without compromising form, function and quality, those basic design principles that are so important to Wüsthof.

“[The criteria of ]‘aesthetically appealing’ is an addition to our philosophy, and that is a large part of the design element for our Classic Ikon and Ikon Blackwood introductions,” Myers said. “Newer, more innovative and creative-looking design has entered the equation.”

Obviously, Myers said, quality throughout is most important to Wüsthof, and that’s something that’s come down through the generation at Wüsthof-Trident. “Wüsthof knives will always have the world’s best steel and construction,” Myers said.

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