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2009 Best in Category: Lighting & Home Décor and Outdoor Living

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Casabella Holdings, LLC

Outdoor Grip Lawn Rake

Throughout its history, Casabella has marketed itself as the design leader when it comes to stick goods and other indoor household cleaning tools, a claim that has been bolstered by the company’s past Best In Category honors at previous Housewares Design Awards competitions.

But now Casabella is also being recognized for its design efforts when it comes to outdoor cleaning tools. At the 2009 Housewares Design Awards, the company’s Outdoor Grip Lawn Rake was named Best In Category for Lighting, Home Décor and Outdoor Living. According to the company, the rake features a built-in grip in its head that allows the user to more easily scoop up leaves and other debris after raking. The extra-wide head is said to be strong and includes flexible tines allowing for more efficient clean-up.

“The rake was designed with tines that would not grab a lot of ground cover,” said Carol Luckhardt, director/marketing with Casabella. “It is easy to use in areas where there are delicate flowers or other plantings.”

While the rake is part of Casabella’s effort in recent years to expand its assortment beyond indoor cleaning tools, the design of the product was also a bit out of the norm for the company. Casabella, which usually relies on its in-house design team to develop new products, went outside the company and worked with designer Scott Henderson.

“Scott is well known for his excellent designs,” Luckhardt said. “He was able to design a rake that has a better grip and is easier to use when scooping and bagging.”

She noted the rake was the latest product developed in Casabella’s nine-SKU outdoor products assortment. The line also includes items such as a push broom, dustpan, deck scrubber, glass cleaner and window washer with squeegee.

To date, Luckhardt noted that Casabella has placed the items mainly with garden supply retailers, which has not only allowed the company to expand its retail customer base, but also bring its brand to a more diverse group of consumers.

“We feel we have brought more style and some great functionality to the outdoor products market,” she said.

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