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2009 Best in Category: Tabletop

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Bodum USA Inc.

Biasca Ice Tea Jug

Bodum’s Biasca Ice Tea Jug melds together Bodum’s classic, simple design with unique function that appeals to a growing number of consumers seeking out better product with which to brew loose leaf tea. This is the third time the company has won the Housewares Design Award in the Tabletop category,

“For us, design and function follow each other. As a company, Bodum will never go to China and take a design off of the shelf. Bodum design is ours and recognizable and different from everything else that’s out on the market,” said Thomas Perez, president of Bodum. Bodum design is classic and simple, with no unnecessary design, he said.

The Bodum Biasca Ice Tea Jug is designed for easily cold-brewing green tea. To use, one places a desired amount of green tea leaves in the jug, fills it with cold water, covers it securely with the lid and lets the tea steep overnight in the refrigerator. Biasca features a filter integrated into the lid that keeps tea leaves within the jug when pouring. The lid is available in black, green, purple or pink.

One of the unique design elements of Biasca is that it has a tall, slender cylindrical shape, which allows it to fit on the shelves of the refrigerator door, said Perez.

“Tea is a very important and big category for us,” said Perez. While he said the majority of American consumers still choose bagged tea, “there is a big development of people looking for better teas, and they find that in loose leaf teas. They are also looking for better [tea-related] product and are looking to experiment more and in different ways.”

Bodum’s Biasca also will appeal to the “green” consumer, as the jug is designed for loose tealeaves, but also, “With the cold brewing process, you use absolutely no energy because you don’t even have to boil water for the tea, the water you can take from the tap and the tealeaves you can just throw back into nature,” added Perez.

In addition to iced tea, Biasca can also be used to create infused water and other infused drinks. Fruit infusion is becoming a popular trend, especially during the summertime, said Perez. Biasca is designed so the user can place berries or vegetables within the water to infuse it with flavor without losing the fruit out the top of the jug when pouring. Fruit infusion also appeals to both the health conscious and green consumer as well, as the ingredients are healthy, natural and biodegradable.

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