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2009 Best in Category: Green House Awards

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CleanWater Countertop Filtration System

The “green” elements of the CleanWater Countertop Filtration System lie in its ability to reduce waste,” according to Mary Rodgers, manager/marketing communications at Cuisinart. Being first to the market with a countertop water filter system that considers environmental needs was one reason Cuisinart was a recipient of the first-ever Housewares Design Awards Greenhouse Award.

The CleanWater Countertop Filtration System has a 2-gallon capacity and a compact design that allows the unit to take up less space and address the growing concern surrounding the waste created by single-serve plastic water bottles, said Rodgers.

The creation of the Cuisinart CleanWater System was spurred on by the statistics surrounding plastic water bottles and the waste they create. Cuisinart wanted to provide an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water that still provides clean, fresh-tasting, filtered water. And while the unit serves its function well, with each NSF-certified filter boasting an average life of 80 gallons— lasting an average of three to four months with average household use— it also had to appeal to the consumer from a design perspective. This was achieved, according to Rodgers, by using a brushed stainless steel finish and by utilizing thermo electric cooling instead of a compressor to heat and cool the water, which reduces the noise and vibration level of the unit. Also, the filtration system’s interface is sleek and self-explanatory, with easy-to-read LEDs  and touchpad controls, she added. Two spigots dispense hot, cold or room temperature water.

In designing the CleanWater Filtration System, Cuisinart faced the challenges of creating a compact, consumer-friendly water filter system. “As this is the first countertop thermo-electric water filtration system on the market,” Rodgers said, “the dimensions of the unit had to be compact and the design had to reflect the look of the Cuisinart brand, while including additional feature innovations that consumers were looking for.”

“Cuisinart’s ultimate goal was to design an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly compact countertop filtration unit,” Rodgers said.

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