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2009 Best in Category: Green House Awards

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NatureMill Inc.

NatureMill PRO

For Naturemill, the styling of their second-generation NatureMill Pro Composter played as important a role in the product’s design as did its “green” attributes, designating it one of the Housewares Design Awards inaugural Greenhouse Award winners.

According to Beth Waldman, manager/business development at NatureMill, it was important that the “exterior design of the NatureMill Pro match the interior function.” The company steered away from the boxy look, giving the composter a more organic rounded shape. In addition, the composter is compact enough to use anywhere indoors or outdoors and is comes in six colors— black, silver, cobalt blue, sky blue, slate, white and yellow.

The exterior components of the composter are made from polypropylene #5, a 100% recycled and recyclable plastic that makes the product lightweight yet durable, according to the company. However, what makes this composter truly “green” is how it functions, offering consumers a convenient way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. “It’s an indoor composter, and it can do its job neatly and cleanly without smelling,” said Matt Sorrell, chief marketing officer at NatureMill.

Using oxygen and heat provided through an energy-efficient power system, which uses less wattage than a light bulb, according to Waldman, the NatureMill Pro turns food waste into compost in as little as two weeks. The compost can then be used to fertilize gardens, lawns or indoor potted plants. The two-door design and carbon air filter keep the composter odor-free, and the internal components of the NatureMill Pro are made from stainless steel for continuous heavy-duty use, according to the company. The NatureMill Pro also features a foot pedal for hands-free use as well as a “vacation mode” which automatically activates the unit to save energy.

In addition, the NatureMill Pro is shipped with no packaging, which eliminates packaging waste as well. Being a product that produces no waste and helps to easily turn consumer waste into an earthy, rich fertilizer that is good for the environment has garnered the NatureMill Pro the 2009 Housewares Design Awards Greenhouse honors.

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