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2011 Best in Category: Cookware & Bakeware

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Zoku, LLC.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker frozen treat maker

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker, the winner of this year’s Housewares Design Award in Cookware & Bakeware, was designed to bring a little fun into the kitchen, while at the same time turning a process that before would take hours into a fun family project that takes just minutes— ice pops!

Zoku’s Quick Pop Maker is a countertop appliance that turns juice or any other liquid into ice pops in just minutes, and because of its fast freeze technology, with the Quick Pop Maker, it’s possible to create designer treats, such as creamsicles as well.

Inspiration for the Zoku Quick Pop Maker came when the company was looking for an area in need of innovation, according Ken Zorovich, president of Zoku. “We were thinking of ways to bring innovation into categories that didn’t have any. We saw ice pops and we said no one has done anything interesting, could we make them faster?”

Keeping in mind trends toward cooking at home and involving children in the cooking process, Zorovich felt that finding a faster way to create ice pops and keep children engaged in the process would be a good idea. Because the quick freeze method only takes a few minutes, making ice pops seemed to fill the need.

In addition, Zorovich said, the Quick Pop Maker provides parents with a way to give their children healthy snacks, making ice pops from juices, yogurt and other healthy drinks.

Making designer ice pops was just the start of the process however. The design of the product had to meet several criteria as well. It needed to look good on a countertop and be functional and easy to use. Features such as a “Super Tool” allows the consumer to easily remove the ice pops without breakage, and even remove them as they start to harden to allow for adding additional ingredients. The sleek white and orange container is attractive on the counter as well.

“Design is considered at every stage of the process; how the product looks, branding, form, function, manufacturing, it all comes down to good design,” said Zorovich.

Zoku created the Quick Pop Maker with the consumer in mind. It’s easy to use, it’s fun, it gives families an easy way to create healthy snacks at home and it’s energy-efficient. No electricity is needed to make the ice pops.

Zoku even includes a Quick Pop recipe book with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker so consumers can have ideas for traditional or designer pops right out of the box.

—Diane Falvey

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