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Bronze Medal Recipient

2011 Best in Category: Cutlery & Accessories

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Mastrad, Inc.

4-inch ceramic paring knife

When a design element on a common product is innovative, it gets attention. Such is the case with Mastrad’s Ceramic Paring Knife, which won the Bronze Best of the Best Housewares Design Award as well as the design award for its category— Cutlery & Accessories.

Ceramic knives have found their place in the consumer’s kitchen in the past year. Known for a sharp edge that doesn’t dull easily, ceramics, while practical for cutting boneless meats, vegetables and fruits, can be a danger in a kitchen drawer.

As a result, Mastrad didn’t just set out to create another sharp ceramic knife. Instead, the company took the process one step further and created a safer sharp ceramic knife. The Mastrad Ceramic Paring knife has an attached protective sheath that flips up when the knife is not in use and becomes part of the handle when the knife is in use.

“Ceramic knives are great and sharp, so they are dangerous; we created a pivoting handle that protects the blade and makes it much safer for users,” said Mathieu Lion, Mastrad group president.

“The unique folding blade guard truly sets this ceramic knife apart from the other ceramic or regular knives on the market today,” added Vanessa Rozanoff, national sales manager for Mastrad.

In addition to the protective sheath feature of the Mastrad paring knife, the knife is made from high-quality ceramic materials and is designed ergonomically to be comfortable in the hand.

“Design is first and foremost [in the product development process] but first is application and usefulness of the product. Design that isn’t useful doesn’t work.”

The uniquely designed, ergonomic handle folds to protect the blade, providing a solution not only to ceramic knife storage, put also portability for use outside of the home including picnics and camping. The ceramic blade will not rust and will retain its edge for years without sharpening.

The knife blades are made from 95%/5% zirconium oxide/yttrium oxide ceramic, which according to the company, provides a hard, sharp edge that rarely needs sharpening.

The knife blades come in two lengths— 3 or 4 inches— and in black or white with black handles that feature an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling.

Ceramic knives are said to stay sharper longer and never rust. In addition, ceramic blades don’t leave metallic taste or odor behind on food.

—Diane Falvey

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