Housewares Design Awards

2011 Best in Category: Floor Care Electrics

Miele, Inc.

Miele S7260 cat & dog vacuum

Americans love their cats and dogs. What they don’t love so much is the hair, dirt and dander they leave behind. This year’s Housewares Design Awards winner in the Floor Care Electrics category has been honored for designing a product to help American consumers deal with those less-than-wonderful aspects of pet ownership.

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog is the company’s first upright engineered specifically for pet owners. Miele’s proprietary and ultra-quiet Vortex Motor System delivers the kind of powerful suction needed to remove stubborn pet hair, even on furniture and has been tested to last for 20 years. To handle the diversity of cleaning chores that most consumers face within their homes the high-end upright features a rotary dial to control its 6 variable power settings.

Additionally, the unit’s high-power brush roll rotates at 4,800 rpms, giving it the power to remove pet hair from the surface while also delivering enough agitation to capture dirt and dander that settles deep into carpet fibers. The unit’s two-motor system delivers full power to both the suction motor and the brush roll. For many consumers, particularly those suffering from allergies, pet dander can be a problem. The Miele Cat & Dog vacuum features the company’s patented dustbag design, a critical elements in its comprehensive filtration system. The unique AirClean bag is comprised of 9 layers of electrostatically charged material that traps micro-sized debris in the vacuum’s airtight chamber. The bag design also has a spring-loaded self-locking collar so that pet owners are never exposed to lung-damaging dust or allergens.

Additionally, the unit’s sealed-system body design insures that the only air that leaves the vacuum travels through its filtration system, yet another protection of pet owners from their furry friends’ dander.

To enable users to clean all floor surfaces throughout the home, whether hardwood or plush pile carpet, the Cat & Dog vac features a spring-loaded electrobrush that enables it to automatically adjust to different carpet heights or differing floor surfaces. The roller brush can also be turned off allowing quick transitions from one surface to the next.

To ensure that pet owners can clean all the places their pets may go around the home, including behind furniture, under tables and chairs the Cat & Dog vac features Miele’s patented Swivel Neck, which allows the unit to maneuver in all directions. The unique design even enables the unit to be laid flat on the floor, to get under beds, coffee tables and other low furnishings, without compromising cleaning performance.

Combining features needed to capture pet hair, dirt and dander with the technology to insure it doesn’t escape, the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Vacuum earned its recognition as a Housewares Design Award winner.

—Bill McLoughlin

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