Housewares Design Awards

Silver Medal Recipient

2011 Best in Category: Food Preparation Electrics

Design Manufacture Distribution, LLC.

Perfect Portions Food Scale + Nutrition Facts

The Perfect Portions Food Scale + Nutrition Facts, this year’s Housewares Design Award winner in the Food Preparation Electrics category, addresses one of American consumers most enduring challenges— portion and nutritional content control.

Americans spend more than $40 million annually on weight loss programs and products, and increasingly their interests are not just in loosing weight, but in exercising a level of control over the foods they eat and the ingredients that go into the meals they make.

Enter the Perfect Portions Scale. Combining technological sophistication with a design that consumers are intuitively familiar with, this Design Award winner enables users to take control of their eating in a way that does most, if not all of the work for them. Perhaps the most user-friendly aspect of the product is its display, which mirrors the “Nutrition Facts” label that appears today on nearly every food consumers find in their local supermarket. By taking something that has become as familiar and comfortable to consumers as their favorite pair of shoes, the Perfect Portion Scale eliminates a common resistance point with new technology: unfamiliarity.

To further simplify the process for users, the scale is pre-programmed with 1,999 foods. So when users are eating food without a nutrition label, such as fresh produce or meats they still have access to the critical nutritional information. Unlike other nutritional scales, the Perfect Portions Scale breaks down the information into a percentage daily value and tracks the user’s daily total. It will also allow the user to customize the scale by entering their own foods.

The scale also allows users to keep track of nutritional information on foods weighed over time. Users can store and review their total intake of fat, salt or calories at the end of the day or week, making it ideal for goal tracking. The scale also allows users to switch between grams/ounces and % Daily Total giving them the exact nutritional weight of what they’re eating, or allowing them to do a percentage breakdown based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet.

As importantly, the Perfect Portion Scale is designed to be an every-day device one that is small enough to store easily, while also offering a number of features that help it to thrive in the mess of day-to-day meal preparation. A smooth top glass platform is designed to clean easily, while the scale’s low profile lets it fit easily into a drawer or even tuck into a bookshelf, alongside favorite dietary recipes.

Combining technological sophistication that makes the consumers’ job simpler with a sleek, user-friendly design, the Perfect Portion Scale reflects the design principles embodied in the Housewares Design Award, earning it top honors this year.

—Bill McLoughlin

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