Housewares Design Awards

Gold Medal Recipient

2011 Best in Category: Home Environment Electrics

Dyson Inc.

Air Multiplier AM01

The recipient of this year’s Housewares Design Awards “Best of the Best – Gold” for 2011 is the Air Multiplier (AM01) from Dyson Inc. The Dyson Air Multiplier also took home Best in Category honors in Home Environment Electrics.

The design of the Dyson Air Multiplier has achieved a singular level of product differentiation by eliminating the fan blade component and developing new air movement technology altogether. Featuring a first-of-its-kind bladeless design that revolutionizes the electric fan category, the Air Multiplier maximizes air capacity in a fan, while offering smooth and uninterrupted airflow.

According to Dyson, conventional electric fans have blades that chop the air creating an uneven airflow and unpleasant buffeting. The Air Multiplier AM01 fan was developed with no blades and uses a unique technology to create an “entrainment” effect similar to the movement of air over an airplane wing, that is said to multiply air 15 times, expelling 118 gallons of smooth and uninterrupted air every second, according to the company. The Air Multiplier fan is powered by an energy efficient brushless motor and air speed can be precisely and infinitely adjusted with a dimmer switch, whereas conventional fans are wired to run at just two or three settings.

Dyson’s patented technology replaces fast spinning blades and awkward grilles with loop amplifiers. The machines draw air in at the base through a mixed flow impeller, a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines. Since the Air Multiplier does not have blades there is no need for a grille and it’s safe and simple to clean. And because its motor is at its base, the fan can be tilted with a touch, unlike a conventional top-heavy fan.

Dyson is known for its innovation in engineering design, science research and development, including its bagless vacuums. It was in the development of other products that the company’s designers uncovered the technology and physical properties of air movement, inducement and entrainment effects that caused moving air to pull surrounding air with it, multiplying the effect of the airflow.

“We realized that this inducement, or amplification, effect could be further enhanced,” said James Dyson, company founder and CEO, at the introduction launch event of the Air Multiplier two years ago. “And of course this was the point where the idea of a bladeless fan became a real possibility. Here was a way to create turbulent-free air and finally do away with blades.”

—Matthew Kramer

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