Housewares Design Awards

2011 Best in Category: Home Organization, Laundry Care & Non-Electric Cleaning

PD Worx LLC.

Dsolv compostable yard waste collection system

PD Worx LLC rethought a commonly used item in getting rid of yard waste when developing this year’s Housewares Design Award in the Home Organization category: The lawn bag.

Its Dsolv Compostable Yard Waste Collection System also won a Green House Award for its sustainable design.

“We are problem solvers at heart,” said Paul Kolada, principal and owner of PD Worx LLC. “We believe the Dsolv brand stands for an unprecedented level of eco-friendliness that has no compromises in terms of user friendliness and delivers economic friendliness as well to the retailers.”

Dsolv’s mesh bags are made of a 100% compostable bio resin. One of the biggest challenges in the design process was evaluating compostable grade materials for the bag to get a solution that was strong enough for the job and manufacturable, said Kolada. The company also went through extensive user trials with the product before bringing it to market. The polymer breaks down in the presence of microbes but not when exposed to sunlight or oxygen. Because the bag is ventilated, it reduces odors and rain will go through the bag instead of getting soaked through like a paper bag would, said Kolada.

“We’ve watched thousands of consumers dragging their lawn bags to the street, [with them] ripping and tearing,” said Kolada, which is not only a drag on the consumers but also on the municipalities that pick up the waste at curbside. The system features a carry handle that allows the user to attach three bags and distribute the loads for ease in transporting, he said. A spring-loaded sleeve holds the mesh bags open for an opening that’s 30% bigger than a paper bag’s, said Kolada.

The Dsolv bag is lightweight— it weighs .8 ounces and has a 45-gallon capacity— while conventional paper bags have a 30-gallon capacity and weigh over eight ounces. “Retailers [also] benefit in that the compressed mesh bag gives them a significantly high margin in a small amount of space,” said Kolada.

Dsolv took a cradle-to-cradle philosophy when developing the bio resin bag, considering its initial components right up to post-curbside benefits. “There are a lot of green products that are good but you don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of its life,” said Kolada. Many municipalities pick up lawn waste separately from garbage and because collectors can see inside the Dsolv bag that it only contains lawn waste and the bag is clearly labeled compostable, many are diverted from landfills. The bags break down in about six months under ideal composting conditions, Kolada added.

—Lisa Cowley

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