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2011 Best in Category: Kitchen Hand Tools & Barbeque Accessories

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Fusionbrands, Inc.

Foodpod silicone cooking pod

The Housewares Design Awards winner in Kitchen Hand Tools and Barbecue Accessories is a curious-looking device from Fusion Brands— the Foodpod Silicone Cooking Pod.

Being the first tool of its kind, on first look, one might wonder what exactly the Fusionbrands FoodPod would be used for.

However, once its use is known, it could very well become an essential tool for cooking. The silicone cooking tool is designed to save time when boiling, blanching or steaming by conveniently containing, removing and draining foods like eggs, veggies, shellfish and more in one easy-to-use vessel. The Foodpod is the first submersible tool in the industry, according to the company. It is used by simply placing foods into the pod and submersing them in water to cook. When cooking is done, the pod can be lifted out and the water drains back into the pot.

“[Fusionbrands is] all about design. Their whole purpose is to create products that are very easy to use, but also extremely attractive.” Joanna Cumberland, spokesperson for Fusionbrands, said.

The sea urchin-like design pulls from nature, which is fitting for this tool, according to the company, as its home is under water. Bold styling makes this useful tool really stand out on store shelves as well.

While the Fusionbrands Foodpod may look like a novelty item, it has many benefits in the kitchen, such as saving time and water when preparing a meal. In addition, because foods are immersed and removed at the same time, the Foodpod ensures even cooking and keeps foods together for easy removal.

The stretchy nature of the silicone Foodpod allows it to hold up to a dozen large eggs or several heads of broccoli, up to 1-3/4 quart or 1-2/3 liter capacity. It keeps foods in the pod intact, preventing eggs from bouncing around the sides of a pot and breaking for example. A built-in grip clip allows for convenient removal from water and aids in boil-over control, and the non-stick silicone protects delicate foods and pot surfaces. Because the Foodpod is flexible, it can fit in any size pot for cooking and storing. It folds up compactly for storage when not in use.

The Foodpod is made of FDA/EU food-safe silicone and BPA-free nylon and is top-rack dishwasher-safe.

The Foodpod also provides a healthy cooking alternative. Dr. Oz featured the product on his show as a tool he loves because it helps in making a healthier dinner easier by consolidating vegetables. In addition, it saves time for the busy consumer.

—Diane Falvey

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