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2011 Best in Category: Kitchenware & Barware

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Browne USA

Kitchen Grips Petite chef's mitt

Browne & Co., the Housewares Design Awards Winner in Kitchenware & Barware, took the ordinary kitchen mitt, which can be found in almost any home kitchen and has remained functionally unchanged for years, and created a new version of the kitchen mitt that is safer, more functional and attractive.

The Petite Chef’s Mitt by Kitchen Grips combined several technologies to create a better performing oven mitt that improves safety by increasing insulation and improving grip. Mitts are often awkward to use and sometimes transfer heat. Kitchen Grips mitts offer more heat and cold insulation, protecting hands from hot and cold temperatures.

The Petite Chef’s Mitt was an improvement on a design by David Duncan. “He [Duncan] found a material in the market and found a new function for it, which was to use a very special rubber material and create an oven mitt for it because the properties were very well-suited to the kitchen,” said Peter Braley, COO/retail division for Browne.

The material, FLXaPrene, which is similar in feel to neoprene, is heat-resistant up to 500°F, stain resistant, water-repellant and dishwasher-safe. The textured finish on the mitt gives it a non-slip grip, an important consideration when working with hot pans. The innovative raised-nub pattern is what sets this line of mitts apart from any other oven mitt on the market. The nub-pattern is unique only to Kitchen Grips, adding extra insulation and grip.

Browne & Co. improved on Duncan’s use for the material by creating a more fitted kitchen mitt, designed to fit smaller hands. The snug fit of the mitt provides added safety and stability. “We all have different sized hands, but oven mitts tend to be one size fits all. This mitt fits very securely on smaller hands; it allows you to use the product more safely in the kitchen, whether you’re dealing with large heavy pots or smaller objects that you need to pick up. We have since added a nubbed texture which creates additional heat protection for the hand and also gives you a nice non-slip grip,” Braley said.

The Petite mitt has a straight-stitch inside edge and reinforced zigzag stitching. It also features a silicone grommet for hanging. This way any cook can have it accessible at any time.

—Diane Falvey

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