Housewares Design Awards

2005 Best in Category: Cookware & Bakeware

Wilton Industries

Copco Torino Brushed Tea Kettle

To Copco, a division of Wilton Industries, a tea kettle is much more than just a functional pot for making tea.

Known for its fashionable and unique tea kettle designs, Copco’s latest creation— the Torino Brushed Tea Kettle— is the Best in Category honoree for the 2005 Housewares Design Awards in the Cookware & Bakeware category.

The gracefully curved Torino kettle, the inspiration of longtime Copco designer Sam Lebowitz, has a striking contemporary carafe shape that sets its apart from many of the tea kettles found on the market.

“The overall design is completely different from any other kettle,” said Scott Borto, senior product manager for Copco. “The Torino evokes the design of a carafe or coffeepot style.”

Borto emphasized that the Torino has a one-of-a-kind look. “This distinguishes it from anything on the market. We’ve taken the tea kettle and pushed the limits on how to design it,” he commented.

For added interest, the whistle was placed in the lid instead of in the spout, the usual place for it. “We don’t have to conform to traditional design,” noted Borto.

Other unique features of the Torino include a push-button mechanism that lifts the lid for easy pouring and a heat-resistant handle with a comfortable, ergonomic shape.

With its distinctive style and features, the Torino kettle has received a lot of attention from retailers. “It’s gotten a lot of placement in major retailers, Borto said.

Shape & Color

In addition to the brushed stainless version, the kettle is also available in several eye-catching colors. “The fact that it comes in two stainless finishes and eight unique colors allows retailers to have a broad assortment,” said Borto.

By focusing on fresh new shapes and colors, Copco continues to position its kettles as affordable decor accents for consumers who update the looks of their kitchens often.

“One of the things we’ve found is that people are constantly updating their kitchen. What we offer to the market is updated design and colors,” Borto said.

Borto pointed out that the tea kettle is one of the most prominent items in the kitchen, and often makes an appearance in popular movies and TV shows. “Any time you’re watching a movie or TV show, and there’s a kitchen shot, there’s a tea kettle on the stove. It’s prominent in the kitchen,” he said.

Copco’s range of tea kettles— such as the Torino line— make it possible for consumers to choose the kettle that best complements their décor and displays their individuality, explained Borto.

“Copco is trying to push the boundaries with design and fashion— updating it for the current market,” he said.

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