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Green House Award Winner

2011 Best in Category: Green House Awards

NatureMill, Inc.

NatureMill PRO XE composter

Once again, NatureMill proved difficult to beat in the Green House category of the Housewares Design Awards. The company’s NatureMill Pro Composter won an inaugural Green House Award in 2009, and this year it also took a Green House honor for its next generation Pro XE Composter. The new and improved XE Series includes dozens of upgrades, including a stronger motor, a more powerful filter and further energy savings than previous models. NatureMill has gone beyond just composting to offer mainstream consumers an easy-to-use, convenient and eco-friendly home product for the modern kitchen. It’s a fast and reliable solution for recycling food waste into compost for gardens. NatureMill has successfully taken a truly green function and matched it with its award-winning design to attract new consumers to the idea of living green while adhering to their need to do it with style.

NatureMill adheres to the “Cradle to Cradle” design methodology. The automatic indoor composter turns food scraps into a nutrient-rich mix for plants in two weeks, according to the company. It has a carbon air filter and air pump said to ensure a composting experience free of expected trash odors, a key design function if used indoors. The composter can fit under the sink or cabinet and is made out of recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene. Energy efficiency was also a key design concern, and according to NatureMill, it uses about as much energy as a night-light and can be filled with up to 120 pounds of food waste per month; over two weeks’ time, it is converted into nutrient rich compost for fertilizing plants or gardens. The design of the composter itself has an organic look. It has a space-saving and self-contained compact design, is lightweight, durable and is available in a variety of colors.

Food compost is very high in nitrogen, which is essential for healthy plants and can be spread over the soil surface, like mulch. Compost can be used on the garden, lawn, shrubs, trees or indoor potted plants. With its green functions and conservation design philosophy, NatureMill’s Pro XE gives do-it-yourself consumers an enhanced way to recycle, help the environment and be more eco-conscious in their everyday lives. For its “green” design attributes, as well as a product that can turn consumer waste into useful fertilizer for the environment and the food chain, NatureMill’s Pro XE Composter continues to set the bar for environmental housewares design.

—Matthew Kramer

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