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2012 Best in Category: Countertop Food Prep Appliances

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Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soupmaker

Cuisinart was the winner of the 2012 Housewares Design Award in the Countertop Food Prep Appliance category for its Blend and Cook Soupmaker Blender. The unique product, which provides consumers with a wide range of functionalities in a single countertop appliance, reflects a growing appliance industry trend toward multi-functionality.

With a 900-watt heating element, the Soupmaker Blender can perform many more functions than its name suggests. "It's really amazing for the fact that you can saut?, simmer or even boil," said Mary Rodgers, Cuisinart's marketing communications manager. "Yet at the same time, it performs all the functions of a blender, including crushing ice, making smoothies; it's a great innovative product."

To handle the hot foods it was designed to prepare the Soupmaker Blender comes with thermal-shock-resistant blender jar that holds 48-ounces of hot liquid and 56-ounces of cold liquid; providing the capacity to handle full family meals.

Its LED countdown timer enables users greater control over their meal planning options, as does the unit's individual saute, simmer and full boil heat settings. Proving the devil is in the details, the Soupmaker Blender employs a number of features that, while not immediately evident at first glance, deliver the type of performance that consumers, and obviously judges, appreciate on closer inspection. For example, to help it handle its cooking functions prior to blending ingredients into a soup, the unit has a non-stick heater plate; a feature that prevents sticking of saut?ing ingredients and facilitates cleaning afterwards.

According to Rodgers, the design ethos for the Soupmaker Blender, as well as other Cuisinart appliances, flows from the company's tagline, "Savor the Good Life."

"One of the things people always talk about who buy our products is how much they mean to this or that special recipe they serve when they're having family over," said Rodgers. "It's more than simply a product. They get very attached to it. That's something we always consider is how we can serve as a catalyst to consumers creating great meals and memories at home."

It was that focus that went into the Soupmaker Blender, which allows consumers not only to prepare their favorite soups in a single vessel, but also create their favorite frozen concoctions. To that end the Soupmaker Blender offers four blending speeds as well as pulse and stir functions, features designed to deliver a level of versatility not available in any comparably priced product.

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