Housewares Design Awards

2012 Best in Category: Floor Care & Cleaning Appliances

Electrolux Home Care Products, Inc.

Electrolux Nimble

The Electrolux Nimble was this year's Best in Category winner for the Floor Care & Cleaning Appliances category, a recognition that reflects the heightened importance of consumer-centric design in today's marketplace.

The high-end vacuum, currently representing the top tier of the Electrolux U.S. upright assortment, addresses a number of traditional consumer "pain points" or areas of dissatisfaction with conventional floor care offerings. The first is weight. At 18 pounds, the Nimble is between five and eight pounds lighter than many competitive full-size upright vacuums. A wide sampling of consumer research has identified lighter weight as a factor to which consumers respond favorably when selecting a new vacuum cleaner.

Another is maneuverability. The Nimble is designed to steer quickly and easily around household obstacles, replacing the typical back-and-forth cleaning motion of most uprights with a free flowing path that is created by a steering mechanism specifically designed to respond to slight adjustments in the consumer's hand.

The bagless upright, which features cyclonic dirt separation also addresses consumers' increasing use of their vacuums as a total home cleaning device. The unit's Quick-Release Telescopic Wand, which allows consumers to detach the cleaning wand from the upright body, coupled with its stretch hose, give users an additional 14 feet of reach for cleaning stairs, under and around furniture or in tight, hard to reach spaces.

Adding an element of technological sophistication to a common feature, the Nimble provides electronic controls, located within fingertip reach to let consumers easily switch from carpet to bare floor cleaning. The Nimble also replaces the traditional on-board tool set with a unique 3-in-1 Versatool that tightens to reach into crevices, expands to fit stair steps and opens flat for upholstery.

To give consumers added convenience in maintaining their vacuum at peak performance, the Nimble has a washable HEPA filter as well as sealed filtration that ensures that all air leaving the vacuum must pass through the unit's HEPA filter, rather than leak out of unsealed openings in the vacuum body.

The Nimble's combination of features combined with a sleek industrial design that reinforces its primary attributes all combined to make this unique upright the judge's choice in 2012.

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