Housewares Design Awards

Silver Medal Recipient

2012 Best in Category: Gadgets & Kitchen Tools

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Chef'n Corporation

SleekStor Pinch + Pour Beakers

Solving problems through design is a task that Chef'n takes seriously, and it is that focus on functionality through design that has garnered the Seattle company a Silver Best of the Best award as well as a "best" award in the Gadgets & Kitchen Tools category at the 2012 Housewares Design Awards. Chef'n won both awards for its Pinch + Pour three-piece nesting beaker set.

For microwave cooking or hot liquids, silicone measuring cups can lose their rigidity, and result in spills. Glass or plastic measuring cups don't have the flexibility to create a narrow pour spout. By combining both nylon and silicone, the Pinch + Pour beakers retain their shape but allow for flexibility and precision pouring. The nesting addresses kitchen storage issues by offering a space-saving design. Added to the functionality of the beaker set are trending bright colors as well as translucent sides for accurate measuring to make the beakers attractive in any kitchen as well as highly functional.

"We know there are a lot of measuring tools and different types of beakers on the market but what we like to do at Chef'n is take something that is already out there and add color and innovation and these beakers with the Pinch + Pour feature do both. We're really proud of that," said Erin Christensen, Chef'n public relations and marketing associate.

Chef'n, which recently entered into an investment partnership agreement with CID, puts a primary focus on design with its product introductions and has an in-house design team dedicated to new product development. The company also has a state-of-the-art design facility, which both companies will utilize to expand Chef'n products under its own brands as well as pioneer some new markets.

The set features cups that measure up to 1, 2 and 4 cups for cooking and baking. Chef'n's Pinch + Pour technology helps beakers retain their shape when filled with hot liquids or when used in the microwave. In addition, a translucent viewing window aids in precise measuring.

The entire Pinch + Pour collection includes measuring cups, beakers and prep bowls.?Each Pinch + Pour product group comes in a set of four and the products are designed for convenient storage as well. The bowls and beakers nest, and the cups collapse for storage. The Pinch + Pour Measuring tools come in four vibrant color sets? green; red; an assortment of teal, fuschia, yellow and green; as well as an assortment of yellows and greens. Pinch + Pour products are top-rack dishwasher safe.

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