Housewares Design Awards

Gold Medal Recipient

2012 Best in Category: Home Environment Appliances

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Swizz Style, Inc.

Stadler Form Anna Fan Heater

The Stadler Form Anna Fan Heater from Swizz Style, Inc. might look small in stature, but it stands tall in both form and function. The company's white ceramic heater is the recipient of this year's Housewares Design Awards "Best of the Best - Gold" for 2012. The Stadler Form Anna Fan Heater also took home Best in Category honors in Home Environment Appliances.

Swizz Style is the exclusive distributor for the brand Stadler Form of Switzerland. The company's Swiss design aesthetic spans across Stadler Form's home environment assortment, including the Anna Fan Heater, which features a sleek and compact appearance, a modern and minimalist form that provides not only heating but a stylish addition to a home's environment.

"Our philosophy is to have great product design because they are among us every day. They should please our eyes or make us smile," said Martin Stadler, CEO of Stadler Form.

From the initial development of the Anna Fan Heater, Stadler had in mind a heater that was different than others on the market yet one that adhered to the brand's modern design philosophy. So he turned to Swiss designer, Matti Walker, who he appointed to create the heater's design.

"When I talked to Matti for the first time, I asked him to make an unobtrusive or discreet design and he created a beautiful shape," said Stadler. "Matti hid the technical looking heating elements. He suggested using black heating elements and a white grill, so the technical heating element is barely visible."

By design, the Anna Fan Heater does look more like a speaker than a heater, artfully creating a thin body that was not technical looking and with no visible controls. But the heater still has all the technological elements of a heater, backing up its style with function, as well as an innovative twist in terms of the unit's special white paint? which is said to not turn yellow over time, keeping the unit white even after being exposed to heat.

The front grill of the Anna white PTC ceramic heater is made from metal and then painted. "All the suppliers refused this job, when we asked if they could make the metal grill white on a heater, because a white color normally cannot stand the heat coming out from a heater for a long time," noted Stadler. "It took us more than six months to find a high-tech supplier of white coating that remains perfect on a heater."

Research and product development, safety processes and procedures, certification, testing and quality control all come into play in Stadler Form's heater design. Yet ultimately, the Anna Fan Heater isn't just the parts or the paint but the creative vision. "We enjoy what we are doing and I believe this is the main reason why we are creative and successful," added Stadler.

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