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2012 Best in Category: Home Organization, Laundry Care & Non-Electric Cleaning

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Cool Gear International, Inc.

Go Gear Travel Tubes

The design inspiration for Cool Gear International Inc.'s Go Gear Travel Tubes, Best in Category in Home Organization, Laundry Care & Non-Electric Cleaning, stemmed from frustration at the cheap, hard to fill travel bottles currently on the market, said president and CEO Donna Roth. The company set out to design a durable solution that features a larger diameter opening for filling and with the durability to withstand the rigors of frequent traveling.

The tubes have a wide-mouth opening to make it easier for the user to fill from a standard shampoo or conditioner bottle and a steady base so that it can stand on the countertop while the liquid is being transferred. The tubes also have the benefit of being squeezable, so that consumers can more easily access the contents within.

"Our design challenge was coming up with a different look, and [have it] still be easy to stand. We went through different shapes and sizes, before we ended up with the triangle shape. We felt that these stood out. They are easy to squeeze, easy to stand, and are still compact," said Roth.

The product's design allows it to be filled from liquids from the larger container without it spilling all around the container. Once the liquid is inside, the product is leakproof, according to Roth, as it has a gasket closure and a "firm clicking lock" to it and a "very tight seal." The product has also been tested to withstand changes in air cabin pressure without leaking.

"We're using silicone. It was a material that was easy to squeeze and you can put it in the dishwasher, and is durable. A lot of the other bottles on the market are very disposable," she said. The silicone material also allowed Cool Gear to bring colors to the bottles. They are available in turquoise, green and magenta. "We wanted to do something different, most bottles are clear or white. We wanted to do something vibrant and fun," she added. While the consumer can color-code items, the company has also included write-on sticker labels for identifying contents.

The Go Gear tubes are also in airline carry-on approved sizes of 1.5-, 2- and 3-ounce sizes and are sold individually and as a three pack.

"Cool Gear is all about being on-the-go, and we're expanding into the travel accessory department? bringing some new life to your basic items. It fits with what we're all about, whether it's hydration or storage on-the go, [this new product] fits with our Cool Gear line," said Roth.

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