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2012 Best in Category: Home & Outdoor D├ęcor

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Elbow Frame, 5x7

Nambe has pursued a long-term goal to position itself as a supplier of designer statement pieces that work across the home from the kitchen to the living room to the boudoir, and it has made a case for achieving that goal with its Housewares Design Awards winner Elbow Frame 5x7. Nambe won Best in Category for Home and Outdoor Decor.

In recent years, home d?cor has gotten a fresh look from consumers who have been spending more time at home during a period when many were under an economic squeeze or otherwise sheltering from a gloomy national atmosphere. Under those circumstances, and with money concerns precluding major home redesign project, making lesser changes to d?cor could keep an environment where consumers were spending more time fresh and inviting. The circumstances helped prompt consumers to pay more attention to home d?cor and the benefits it can convey. At first, the emphasis was on comfort but lately demand has increased for products with sharper design, items that have more character and presence.

Nambe has responded. Home d?cor, along with tabletop, has been a focus of recent Nambe product development. Recent initiatives have been part of a focus on products meant to be displayed in conspicuous space including tabletops throughout the home.

Elbow Frame 5x7 suits the design direction that Nambe has lately pursued, developing products that warrant conspicuous display, not placement in a corner or cupboard. The award-winning frame can be displayed vertically or horizontally, so it can accommodate most photos. But it was designed to stand out as a d?cor piece in its own right utilizing an oval base made of Nambe Alloy and two sheets of glass to enclose the framed photo. So it has it a unique, sleek look.

Roseann Ferrer, Nambe's representative at the Housewares Design Awards said an emphasis on design goes back to the founding of the company 60 years ago and has been a constant, critical factor in the development of the business. Part of the pursuit of superior style has been working with talented designers, and she said such was the case with the Elbow Frame 5x7. The product designer is Neil Cohen.

"The designer brought us many items that are part of the innovative design, and we look forward to receiving more," Ferrer said.

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