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2012 Best in Category: Personal, Health & Garment Care

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Spectrum Brands, Inc.

Remington Pro Power Series Haircut & Beard Trimmer

Remington Products describes its Pro Power Series Haircut & Beard Trimmer model HC5550 as "best in class" clipper. Given its citation as Best in Category for Personal Health & Garment Care, Remington can't be far from wrong.

A Spectrum Brands division, Remington developed the Pro Power Series Haircut & Beard Trimmer as a head, hair and beard clipper using innovative technology to deliver salon style results that easily out-perform the competition, the company stated.

What makes the Pro Power Series Haircut & Beard Trimmer unique is that it offers a powerful, clean, modern, and ergonomic tool consumers can use to make the tedious task of cutting hair more manageable. It not only provides an aesthetically pleasing design, but it also incorporates "incredible" technology, Spectrum stated, that stand behind innovative features and unrivaled functionality. The company added that the Pro Power Series Haircut & Beard Trimmer product pushes hair clippers to the next level of quality and convenience for users at a highly competitive pricepoint.

The Pro Power Series Haircut & Beard Trimmer has soft-open blade door mechanism that allows the user to easily pull out the trimmer and wash the clipper after use. Thorough cleaning will prolong the unit's life. This product also has USB charging capability, enabling people on the go to tap into power more easily. The HC5550 is specifically designed to work with micro USB, or cell phone chargers, which may soon be an industry standard.

A rubberized grip makes the cutting comfortable throughout the duration of the sterling 40-minute runtime.

However, the product's most innovative feature, Spectrum pointed out, is its outstanding cutting system and high performance DC motor, which also provides a powerful turbo boost. In development, Remington put the HC5550 clipper to the test of cutting thick fiber carpet. The Pro Power Series Trimmer cut right through the tough terrain, while its many competitors failed. Self-sharpening blades that never need oil, combined with enough strength to cut through even the thickest head of hair, equates to a hair clipper that is truly the best in the business, Spectrum asserted.

At the same time, the HC5550 cuts no corners when it comes to its beautiful design and superior quality. A number of high-end finishes burnishes the product, including soft touch materials and selectively texturized elements. The dark chrome exterior expresses a powerful and professional tool, with an emphasis on modern styling cues, Spectrum related.

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