Housewares Design Awards

2005 Best in Category: Kitchen Hand Tools

William Bounds, Ltd.

Sili Gourmet Baking and Pastry Brushes

Silicone, considered by many suppliers and consumers to be one of the most innovative materials due to its heat-resistance, easy maintenance, durability and flexibility, is the key element in the William Bounds Sili Gourmet Basting and Pastry Brushes.

The brushes, which feature a patented design, are winner of the 2005 Housewares Design Award in the Kitchen Tools & Cutlery category.

Widely spaced, ball-headed silicone bristles enhance the unique brushes, which are used to baste foods with delicious sauces or marinades. The flexible bristles evenly distribute oils, butter or sauces on foods to enhance their flavor, and prevent the sauces from creating a mess in the kitchen.

According to Sharon Bounds, executive vp/William Bounds, which is known for its decorative salt and pepper mills, the brushes were developed because of the lack of efficient basting brushes in the marketplace.

“The Sili Gourmet Basting and Pastry Brushes came about due to frustrations with what was available in the market,” said Bounds. “The products were based on our experience in the housewares market.”

Since debuting the product in the marketplace last year, William Bounds has received a lot of feedback from both retailers and consumers. “Consumer and retailer reactions to this product have been very positive,” noted Sharon Bounds.

Bounds stressed the importance of the silicone material and attributed much of the product’s success to this unique material. “[Silicone is] everything. All the key ‘function’ features of the Sili Gourmet brush, like heat and odor resistance, are due to the silicone bristles,” she explained.

When asked what features distinguish the Sili Gourmet brushes from others found on the market, Bounds said that the overwhelming difference between the Sili Gourmet brushes and other products is quality.

Because the bristles are spread apart and the brushes are dishwasher safe, cleaning is much easier than with the traditional brushes made of natural or nylon bristles, according to the company.

With its heat-resistance up to 500 degrees F., the brushes can be used on the range, in the oven, or on the barbecue, and are ideal for a wide range of foods, from roasts to pastry dough.

Although highly functional and efficient, the brushes were also designed with aesthetics in mind. The brushed stainless-steel handle has an updated, contemporary look that blends with many of today’s kitchen styles. “We wanted a clean, professional design for this tool,” said Bounds.

According to Bounds, the Sili Gourmet Basting and Pastry Brushes have been extremely successful at retail. “This has been one of our most successful introductions ever,” she said. “We sell to specialty and department stores— with Sur La Table being our top national retailer in this product.”

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