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2013 Best in Category: Cutlery & Cutting Tools

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Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

Kyocera Limited LTD Cutlery Series 6

With its charcoal gray Pakka wood handles and black hand-finished ceramic blades, Kyocera’s new Limited LTD Cutlery Series 6 takes the art and craft of cutlery to a new level. It combines the heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and style with state-of-the-art proprietary ceramic technology, for extraordinary performance and beauty. The enhanced design garnered the company a Housewares Design Best in Category Award for Cutlery & Cutting Tools.

The artisan handle is designed for its unique beauty and an ergonomic feel. The knife’s handle is unique in that it “features an Old World artisan style.” Erik Reid, the company’s general manager, said it “harkens back” to a time before plastic handles and explained that wooden handles have a “great grip in the hand.” Inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Kyocera developed a knife that reflects the Japanese culture and heritage. “We worked with chef Ming Tsai as well as with our designers out of Japan. The Series 6 knives have a Japanese style that is unparalleled,” said Reid.

The new collection is a departure from the ceramic knives the company is known for in that they feature polished black ceramic blades instead of white. The Pakka wood handles feature steel bolsters and rivets that adorn the knives and add stability, giving the set the distinctive look of traditional Japanese cutlery.

The elegant handcrafted blades feature Kyocera’s proprietary Zirconia 206 ceramic, which offers superior edge retention versus both ceramic and metal competitors, the company said. It is also touted as stronger and denser than other ceramic blades. 

Additional advantages of Kyocera advanced ceramic are unparalleled purity and lightweight maneuverability. Unlike metal knives, Kyocera knives won’t brown foods or alter their taste, smell or appearance. They are lightweight and balanced, which reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks.

The handles are handcrafted by expert artisans in Seki, Japan, and feature a unique handle shape not commonly used because of the time it takes to produce. This style handle is contoured to the palm and ultimately enhances the cutting performance.

The knives are completely handcrafted in Japan. As with all Kyocera cutlery, the Limited LTD Series 6 Knives come with a lifetime guarantee against chipping and can also be sent back to the company for free sharpening.

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