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2013 Best in Category: Gadgets & Kitchen Tools

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Swissmar Inc.

Swiss Curve Peeler

Small enough to fit in a pocket, but with big peeling capability, the Swiss Curve Peeler from Swissmar is said to be the next generation in peelers. Because of its unique properties and design, the Swiss Curve Peeler is also the Housewares Design Awards Best in Category winner in Gadgets & Kitchen Tools.

According to Daniel Oehy, president and owner of Swissmar, the peeler offers “a whole new way of peeling.” The company focused on what could be improved from traditional peelers, something it also offers. He added that with traditional peeling, peels get stuck on the food the user is peeling, whether it be a carrot or potato for example, and the user has to stop and remove them before beginning to peel again. The curved handle design helps “eject” the peels, speeding up the process.

“As a company we’re known for making some of the sharpest peelers,” added Oehy. “It was a real challenge to improve on one of the oldest kitchen gadgets out there. It’s a tool we use almost every day.”

Designed to facilitate peeling vegetables without the mess, the 100% Swiss-made Swiss Curve Peeler removes peels by directing them backwards, away from what you are peeling with a patented Peel Back blade design. The premium-quality patented curved blade and handle are unique in function and design as well. The curved blade follows the shape of most vegetables, creating a fitted connection that makes peeling smoother and more natural. A high-gloss piano finish handle is ergonomically designed and suitable for left or right hand use.

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Swissmar Swiss Curve Peeler is available in red, green, black or stainless steel. Swissmar has been designing unique kitchen tools, fondues and raclettes for 30 years. The company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a year-long series of customer and retail promotions.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years,” Oehy said.

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