Housewares Design Awards

Bronze Medal Recipient

2013 Best in Category: Home Environment Appliances

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Swizz Style

Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

A subtle blend of form and function, encased in a compact design, highlights Swizz Style’s Jasmine Aroma Diffuser, making it this year’s recipient of the Housewares Design Awards “Best of the Best – Bronze.” Jasmine also took home Best in Category honors in Home Environment Appliances. The awards follow up last year’s winner, the Stadler Form Anna Fan Heater, which won the Housewares Design Awards “Best of the Best – Gold” for 2012, as well as Best in Category in Home Environment.

The design of the company’s aroma diffuser was inspired by everyday shapes, creating a home comfort product that stays relatively unobtrusive yet doesn’t have to remain hidden. “The designer, Fabian Zimmerli, was inspired by an interesting bowl, a shape we use every day. And an aroma diffuser should be an object that is not so visible,” said Martin Stadler, CEO of Stadler Form. Swizz Style is the exclusive distributor for Stadler Form of Switzerland.

The Jasmine Aroma Diffuser taps into a home environment trend of providing more aromatherapy and wellness options into product design, giving the consumer more choices of ways to be comfortable, adding soothing, pleasant scents, sounds and light, for example.

“Scents are very important in our life,” said Stadler. “We focus on products that improve the air, so we take care of humidity, warmth, smell and so on.”

Swizz Style’s Jasmine Aroma Diffuser is equipped with an interval setting which allows it to go 10 minutes on and 20 minutes off for 24 hours. It can run approximately 24 hours with one filling in the interval mode, and uses ultrasonic technology to transform the water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist and dispense it into the surroundings. The unit features a rubber textured outer coating and has automatic shut-off.

“The bowl shape is very quiet, and the interval feature is unique and very important, allowing the unit to run for a long time,” said Stadler. “One of the principles of Stadler Form design is uniqueness, pleasing shapes that are calm, not too much technology and user interface.”

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