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2013 Best in Category: Personal, Health & Garment Care

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Panasonic Arc3 Men’s Wet/Dry Shaver

Design was fundamental from the first conception of the Panasonic Arc3 Men’s Wet/Dry Shaver, the Best in Category winner in the Personal, Health & Garment Care division of the Housewares Design Awards.

Technology was an important development point. The Arc3 incorporates Panasonic’s Nanotech blades to enhance performance, for instance. Still, Panasonic had the Arc3 designed in Milan, Italy, as the company sought to combine style and functional elements into a product that would be attractive to a broad target audience but particularly young men.

To complement the sleek aesthetics, Panasonic developed the Arc3 to provide a quick, close, comfortable shave. The product pitches its Nanotech blades at 30-degrees, and it incorporates a 45-degree trimmer blade as well as a Multi-fit Arc Foil that comfortably lifts and guides stubble closer to the blade, the company said, in commenting on its Housewares Design Award win.

To satisfy the range of preferences in use, the versatile shaver can operate wet, dry, or with foam, Panasonic noted. To make operation as convenient as possible, the product includes unique water shutters that allow for easy and quick maintenance, the company pointed out. Users can simply open the shutters to let water flow freely through the shaver head to clean the blades. In that way, they never have to trouble with removing the outer foil.

To make the design for the product complete, a multi-purpose holder acts as either a charging/storage stand or as a carrying holder that protects the foil and blades while preventing the power switch from flipping on accidentally. And a no-slip grip handle makes the shaver comfortable and safe for use in the shower.

“Panasonic is thrilled to add the Housewares Design Award to our growing list of awards for our Arc3 Shaver and believe this will contribute to the continued success of the product,” said Natalia Salazar, product manager, personal care, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co. of North America.

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