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2013 Best in Category: Tableware, Serveware & Beverageware

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Host Studios

The Twist Adjustable Aerator

The Twist Adjustable Aerator from Host Studios, a brand of True Fabrications, the 2013 Housewares Design Awards winner in the Tableware, Serveware & Beverageware category, allows the user to instantly decant wine, twisting the metal band to choose anywhere from zero to six hours.

More delicate varietals take less time to decant than more robust, heavier varietals. At zero, it is just like pouring the wine through another vessel, or swirling the wine around in the glass, explained Erin Malastino, industrial design manager for True Fabrications. As the user twists, the higher the number is in direct relationship to the softening of the tannins in the wine; the aerator also allows the user to adjust it so that they can experiment to meet their taste preferences, she said.

The product has been scientifically tested for performance. When designing product, Malastino said, “Primarily we look for it to have a really great function and provide utility to the consumer . . . a revolutionary, engineered product that offers a need that nothing else quite does.”

With the Twist, the user can aerate one glass at a time. “You can pour as much as you want, and then preserve the rest in your wine bottle,” she said. Another ease-in-use benefit is that the consumer doesn’t have to use the traditional method of decanting wine for a few hours if they are having guests pop over, she added.

Malastino said the aeration subtheme began first in the wine industry about five to 10 years ago, as “a new thing for wine drinkers to explore.” The company got feedback from vintners and wineries about how the aerator could be improved upon. “The main difference is it only offers a one-stop shop. Wine makers said running wine through one setting most likely isn’t optimal,” noted Malastino, often resulting in the under or over-aerating of wines. The adjustable Twist aims to solve that user problem. The Twist also features an acrylic strainer that filters out unwanted sediment.

Aesthetics played a role in product development too. “We wanted it to be clear, so the consumer can see the visual aspects of the air being introduced, and the sound is audible, so they [know] it’s working,” she said. The product is also heftier in weight, to demonstrate its quality to the consumer.

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