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2013 Best in Category: Green House Awards

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Simple Wave LLC

Calibowl Non-spill, 5-piece Iconic Mixing Bowl Set

Simple Wave LLC’s Calibowl Non-Spill 5-Piece Iconic Mixing Bowl Set, this year’s Housewares Design Awards Green House Award winner, is made in the U.S. of 100% recycled medical grade polypropylene.

All of the company’s plastic Calibowls, previously made in China of virgin plastics, are also now being made in this new material in California, Jeff Bollengier, co-founder of Simple Wave LLC, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®. The company was recently honored with an Export Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Green House award winning-mixing bowl set features a patented design that has a wave-inspired bowl interior, with a curved inner lip that pushes food back onto the utensil, preventing it from spilling over the edge.

Each Calibowl has a wide base with a silicone grip designed to prevent slipping and tipping. The bowls are BPA-free and contain no lead or phthalates.

Mixing bowls often are used not only for mixing but also for serving to guests, said Bollengier, whether it be a salad or a side dish. “With the Calibowl, the design of the product is very simple and clean, but the unique ledge gives it that signature look,” he said.

From a functional standpoint, “It makes less of a mess when you’re mixing and they are also amazing for serving. When you use a large serving utensil, you can scoop with ease, with everything thrown back onto the utensil,” he added.

Another aesthetic benefit with the 5-piece Iconic Mixing Bowl Set, which is a Crate & Barrel exclusive, is the subtle gradient tone of the bowls, which also takes its design inspiration from the ocean and the California surfing culture. The gradient fade, featuring subtle changes in green tones, mimics the fashion style often seen on board shorts and is intended to evoke the “fresh feel” when you see a pair of those board shorts, he said.

Simple Wave’s Calibowls are also 100% recyclable, so the consumer could throw unwanted bowls into their recycle bin. However, the company has an initiative in which if the consumer sends them back to Simple Wave for recycling, they will receive a coupon towards another set of Calibowls, giving consumers the added incentive to make the environmentally friendly choice over a landfill, he said.

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