Housewares Design Awards

2014 Best in Category: Cookware & Bakeware

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Roland Products, Inc.

Fissler Vitavit Comfort Pressure Cooker

Roland Products took the top honor in the cookware category for the Fissler Vitavit Comfort Pressure Cooker at this year’s Housewares Design Awards. The Vitavit Comfort Pressure Cooker, which features a sleek stainless steel design, has been recognized for features that make it intuitive for the user, easy to use and easy to clean.

Designed for consumers new to pressure cookers as well as experienced users, the Vitavit features the Traffic Light indicator system, a rod color-coding system that displays a green light when pressure is at an optimum level, yellow when more heat is needed and red when the heat needs to be turned down. The Traffic Light system allows consumers to learn how to intuitively regulate the pressure cooker.

“Fissler is a German company that continues to innovate. The Comfort Pressure Cooker is ergonomically designed and operates in a whisper quiet way,” noted Jim Eastin, vp/sales Roland Products, Inc.

Under normal pressure, the Vitavit operates silently and without releasing steam. An adjustable steam discharge function, however, allows the user to precisely control steam release.

In addition, Fissler has tackled the issue of difficult-to-lock pressure cooker lids, redesigning the Vitavit Comfort lid for easy and secure locking. To address consumer concerns, Fissler’s Vitavit features a simple locking mechanism that has an audible click and light indicator that goes from red to green when the lid is securely locked, which all happens before bringing the cooker up to pressure. A metal tab makes it simple to place the lid in the correct position and pressure cannot build until the lid is properly locked and the indicator light is green.

A multi-setting automatic control valve that can be set to regulate pressure automatically at both low and high pressure settings makes the Vitavit Comfort versatile, as it can be used for delicate foods at the lower setting and heartier foods at the higher setting.

Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel with a Cookstar 6-mm aluminum base designed for even heat distribution, the Vitavit is dishwasher safe, including the lid. It also features a removable stay-cool handle and safety loop handle, as well as interior measurement markings.

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