Housewares Design Awards

Bronze Medal Recipient

2014 Best in Category: Cutlery

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CLASSIC 9" Double Serrated Bread Knife

Expanding on the company’s line of Classic cutlery, Wüsthof’s Classic 9-inch Double-Serrated Bread Knife was designed to slice through breads with fewer crumbs and minimal compression, earning it the Housewares Design Award Best of the Best - Bronze and top honors in the Cutlery & Cutting Tools category.

Featuring double serration in the knife’s scalloped edge, the knife cuts smooth, clean and precise cuts whether it is through bread, meat or delicate-skinned fruits and vegetables, the company said. Another unique design feature is that the blade scallops never touch the cutting board, keeping the blade from dulling over extended use.

The knife is precision forged from a single blank of high-carbon no-stain steel. Featuring full tang construction and a triple riveted, ergonomically designed polypropylene handle, the knife is constructed in Solingen, Germany where the family-owned company has been operated for 200 years and through seven generations. Additionally, inner ring anodes on the handle safeguard rivets from rust. The bolster was also designed to add heft and balance to perform quick, precise and even cuts.

“The knife was designed by our team in Germany. We wanted to solve the issue of cutting through crusty bread and find a way to reduce all of the crumbs that can be produced in the process,” said Lauren Ayres, sales and marketing assistant, Wüsthof. “Plus, it’s great for anything with a tough skin and soft inside, like tomatoes.”

The Wüsthof Double Serrated Bread Knife is one of several serrated and bread knives in the Classic cutlery line. The company also offers a 6-inch serrated utility knife, and three bread knives with an 8-, 9- and 10-inch blade. The Housewares Design Award winner is the first knife in the collection to feature the precision double-serrated edge.

As with all Wüsthof knives, the blade is completely buffed and polished by hand and is constructed using 40 manufacturing steps from forging to tempering, to grinding and polishing. The blade features the company’s signature Precision Edge Technology that ensures high initial cutting performance, long edge retention, and consistently high quality, the company said.

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