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2014 Best in Category: Floor Care & Cleaning Appliances

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Haan Corporation

Multiforce Pro

Haan Corporation’s Multiforce Pro SS-25 won the Floor Care & Cleaning Appliances Housewares Design Award because its suite of features suits the mission.

“We are honored to receive this Housewares Design Award and even more ecstatic that the Multiforce Pro SS-25 is garnering the recognition it deserves,” said Romi Haan, president and CEO of Haan Corp. “Haan prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, creating versatile products with consumers’ best interest in mind, and this award is a testament to our efforts.”

The Multiforce Pro steaming system is effective at removing dirt and more, Haan asserted. The product lifts messes without the need for the cleaning solutions that worry many consumers, and it does so with a thoroughness that can hearten the health conscious. The Multiforce Pro steam offers CR-Motion technology that uses two counter-reciprocating plates moving at a rate of 850 cycles per minute. It generates steam with 10 jets on each steam plate, providing a continuous cleaning flow. The Multiforce Pro cleanses thoroughly enough to eliminate 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria, Haan pointed out.

The Multiforce Pro is flexible, as it can clean floors indoors or outside on patios and decks where consumers who spend more leisure time at home, relaxing or entertaining, have invested in decks, porches and patios that can get grimy fast. The Multiforce Pro’s CR-Motion technology can enhance the natural pull and push steam cleaner motion in operation with the addition of a power scrubbing action that can help with cleaning rougher outdoor surfaces. A variable steam function allows users to set the steam flow they want depending upon the mess and surface being cleaned. A low steam setting cleans sealed hardwood, laminate, bamboo and other delicate floors without damaging them. A high steam setting cleanses ceramic, stone, tile, concrete and other durable floors thoroughly.

For all the function, the Multiforce Pro has looks as well, with a streamlined body in black accented with red and a substantial red cleaning head that provides the impression that the mechanism is more than adequate for the job it was designed to do.

So, with its flexible

performance characteristics, its looks and its features, the Multiforce Pro emerged as the Floor Care & Cleaning Appliance category award winner.

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