Housewares Design Awards

Silver Medal Recipient

2014 Best in Category: Gadgets & Kitchen Tools

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Linden Sweden, Inc

twixit! Seal & Pour Bag Clip

Looking to create the next generation version of Linden Sweden’s original twixit! Bag Clip, the twixit! Seal & Pour Bag Clip features a resealable pour spout so that users can quickly pour and reseal contents from a bag. The next generation design garnered the company a Housewares Design Best of the Best - Silver award, and top prize in the Gadgets & Kitchen Tools category.

The original bag clip, made of polypropylene, is designed to tightly close and keep bagged (paper or plastic) contents fresh for months, the company said. Allowing users to free themselves from bag-ties, the twixit! Bag Clip lets users close and clip the gadget around the open end of a bag, similar to a hair barrette. The clips feature a patented memory hinge that has been shown to open and close with long-lasting durability, the company said. If the clips lose their shape, placing them in boiling water for a minute will return them to their original shape, making them reusable for years, noted the company.

The twixit! Seal & Pour Bag Clip features the same patented technology, but the pour spout lid makes it ideal for bagged coffee, cereal, rice, popcorn, flour, sugar, flax seed or any food that pours from a bag, the company said. Featuring 14 live hinges, the Seal & Pour is 5-inches long and is available in red, white and apple green.

“It’s been a tremendously successful product for us,” Linda Arnesen, president of Linden Sweden USA, said. “You don’t have to take the bag clip off every time you use it. We know the consumer is going to love it.”

The company is owned by a Swedish manufacturer, Linden International AB, and with the European influence, Arnesen said, the company maintains its focus on design.

“Simplicity, design, function and style are very important to our parent company,” she said.

Made in Sweden, the twixit! Seal & Pour Bag Clip is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe as well as BPA free.

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