Housewares Design Awards

2014 Best in Category: Home & Outdoor Décor

The Fulham Group

Grilluminate Extending Grill Light

Outdoor living has become a much more important part of daily life in the U.S., and The Fulham Group developed the Grilluminate Extending Grill Light to make it a longer part of everyday by pushing outdoor living later into the evening.

Of course, the grill is often the centerpiece of porch, patio or deck. Grills today serve a range of food styles and cooking methods. The products associated with grills have evolved, and might include dedicated fish cookers, grilled vegetable skewers and even woks.

However, all that hardware can’t function without light. Flood lights may keep the party going on the deck, but outdoor cooks may not get a lot of help from them, given they probably are grilling in their own shadows.

The Fulham Group designed the Grilluminate Extending Grill Light as a better solution to cooking in low light situations. In fact, the company stated that the Extending Grill Light is the way to illuminate outdoor cooking properly.

The ability of the product to extend enhances its ability to get the light right for both small and large grills. Mounted with a padded C-clamp, a set of screws secures the Extending Grill Light firmly, and a robust steel arm supports the operating surface. Illumination comes courtesy of three triple-A batteries that power nine LED light sources. The LEDs have an established lifespan of 10,000 hours, and they are efficient, working upwards of 100 hours on the batteries. A glass reinforced nylon housing can stand up to the task at hand in the form of the heat generated by the grill.

The Grilluminate Extending Grill Light comes embossed with the Cuisinart brand name, which provides a familiarity and level of quality assurance in a way that can enhance consumer purchasing interest. Under the Cuisinart brand, the product is characterized as designed to keep users grilling long into those summer nights. It attaches to grills in seconds and lights with a touch of a button.

So, for lengthening leisure time with its illuminating function, The Fulham Group Grilluminate Extending Grill Light took the Housewares Design Award in the Home & Outdoor Décor category.

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